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Date : February 2016 (1)

Not Here

by CL Roberts
Published on: February 28, 2016


Not here. Not in this close-knit community.
Not here. Not in this small city with many colleges.
Not here. Not where our Department of Public Service are never called cops.
Not here. Not where neighbors know their neighbors.
Not here. Not where you’re unafraid to walk any street.
Not here. Not where city living is like living in a park.
Not here. Not where lovers actually walk down Lover’s Lane.
Not here. Not where fathers take sons and stroll the pickup isles.
Not here. Not where senior women can share a girls night out.
Not here. Not where tweens babysit a houseful of youngers.
Not here. It’ll never happen here. Those things are reserved for the large cities with their broken down neighborhoods full of broken down homes.
For we are Kalamazoo. And we will not be afraid.
Our spirit remains unchallenged. We are Kalamazoo Strong.

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