Texas Holdem Tournament Theories and Strategies – Demystified by CL RobertsKnow Why You Bet

by CL Roberts
Published on: May 28, 2014

I’m a huge observer of other’s play. The one thing that amazes me most about some players is, they just play.

By that I mean, they don’t always think about why they’re making a bet. At least they don’t think it all the way through.

As I always say – This game is simple!

You bet for one of two reasons.

  1. You bet in hopes of getting called.
  2. You bet in hopes of everyone folding.

That’s it. The problem for some players is, they don’t know why they’re betting. Sure, they may actually be thinking, “If I bet this amount, they’ll fold”. But have they really thought that through? Maybe they’re on the fence and think, “If I bet this amount, they’ll fold. But if they don’t fold, I get to see another card.”

That works if you actually wanted to get called. But you didn’t really. If you get called when you want them to fold, you didn’t bet enough or you underestimated the strength of your opponent’s hand. Either way, you’re in trouble the rest of the hand.

So this is my random short advice article for today.

Know why you’re betting. This game is simple! But you can make it a lot harder on yourself by not knowing why you’re making the bet you’re making.

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